It IS possible!

An abnormally heavy wind turbine or a 65 metre blade? Everything can be transported. ASE projects has been managing haulage for abnormal loads for 25 years.

We are specialists in wind turbine transport, but we also arrange haulage for bridge construction parts and cranes. We know every viaduct, every bend and obstacle in the road, particularly in the Northern Netherlands.

Where you as a haulier may be thinking “It can’t be done”, we make sure it DOES get done.

From A to B, from A to Z

We work out routes from A to B, arrange permits and waivers, make the arrangements with regional and local authorities, relevant ministries and water boards; our preparations for haulage dot every i and cross every t.

Every possible bottleneck on the route is measured thoroughly beforehand and any changes required to the road surface or surroundings are made. Of course, we always watch the costs and we also bear in mind that transport shouldn’t be too troublesome for other road users.

In short, we arrange everything from A to Z.

Off the beaten path

Haulage for abnormal loads often takes place ‘off the beaten path’. At the same time, you as a haulier need to take the laws and regulations into account as mandated by the road authorities.

ASE projects knows how to manoeuvre around this in a smart way – with a good dash of courage and plain common sense.


Harry Fransens
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